Collins Calls it Bribery. We Call it Teamwork.

Now that we have their attention…

You’ve probably seen the campaign that our friends at Be a Hero started on Crowdpac.

It gives GOP Senator Susan Collins an incentive to vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court by crowdfunding her 2020 Democratic challenger.

But there’s a catch: The funds won’t be given to the Democratic challenger unless Collins votes to confirm Kavanaugh. If she votes against him, credit cards aren’t even charged.

So far, it’s raised over $1 million (and counting).

Senator Collins calls it bribery.

We call it teamwork.

And we also call it proof that nothing speaks to the Republican party like cold hard cash.

Sound like we’re exaggerating? We’re not. We’ve marched, we’ve called, we’ve sent petitions and we’ve staged die-ins.

And in response? Crickets.

But get 45,000 people to donate over $1 million and suddenly you get defensive statements, and press releases, and nervous chatter.


Because they see the potential.

Correction: They see our potential.

And we do too. Just think of it – if 45,000 people can crowdsource $1 million in a week, imagine what would happen if 1% of the 73.5 million people who voted against Donald Trump donated $10/month from now to the 2020 election?

(Spoiler alert – we’d give the 2020 Democratic nominee $191 MILLION.)

We’ve got them on their back foot. So let’s keep speaking in terms they understand.

When you join Dump Trump, you join a whole community of people who want to make sure Trump is a one-term president – but you also send a message that we aren’t playing around.

Our crowdfunding platform lets you commit to a monthly donation at whatever dollar amount you’re comfortable with. The money raised by all of us will be donated directly to the 2020 Democratic nominee for president. No middle person. No high priced consultants taking a cut. No favorites played.

Just the power of numbers – both people and money – to show that enough is enough.

To join the movement and exercise your power, sign up to support the cause at

Let’s speak their language. Loud. And Clear.

Let’s do this.
Jonathan Zucker
Founder, It Starts Today & Dump Trump