The Congressional Project

Why are we doing this?

Right now, Republican megadonors are meeting in secret, crafting their strategy for 2022’s House and Senate races. They’re making maps, writing fat checks, and preparing for a battle that’s years away.

Listen – you know what a Republican Senate looks like under Mitch McConnell. And we’re sure you remember what a Republican House majority looked like. It’s not pretty. 

And you also know that in just two years we’ll need to fight for our House and Senate Democratic nominees – especially those in close races. We can’t tell you yet what those races will be, but we don’t need to know who they’ll be to know they’ll need our help. 

So … why give Republican megadonors and Mitch McConnell a head start? Why not do what they do and … plan ahead?

Republicans may have more high rollers, but Democrats have enough people power to change the world. Let’s use that power  and work together, starting now, to crowdsource Democracy.

Our monthly model means you don’t have to fork over a big check with a bunch of zeros in it to be a major part of the change. For the price of a burrito a month (or less) you can start funding every close race in 2022, 2024 and beyond right now.

So, join us and start now to keep the House and Senate in the hands of Democrats!

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