Hey Missouri – YOU Made a Difference

Really. You’ve raised over $232,000.

Here’s a quick story about your power – and how you’re already helping rebuild the Democratic party in Missouri.

When we launched It Starts Today-Missouri in late October 2017, we knew it was going to be something special. The energy folks had for helping Democrats across the state – from solidly blue districts to ultra-red ones – was (and is) electric. 

And over the last three years, folks like you from all over the state have joined arms to work together to help Democratic nominees for Missouri state legislature. 

Times are really, really tough, and folks in Missouri aren’t rolling in dough. But that’s the beauty of It Starts Today. We have proven – you have proven – that by working together, we can go toe-to-toe with the biggest fat cat donors in Missouri.

And that’s what you’ve done. You’ve raised over $232,000.

That makes our grassroots community one of the biggest donors in Missouri’s Democratic politics. Pretty special, right?

And that money has helped Democratic nominees talk to voters in Sedalia, and Hannibal, and Cape Girardeau. To talk to Democrats in Joplin, and St. Joe, and Moberly, and Rolla. 

Yeah, Democrats have a lot of work to do in Missouri. But you’ve already shown how we do that.

By working together. By starting at the grassroots, not at the penthouse. By making our party – and our state – work for everyone again.

Whether your monthly donation is $2.48 or $100, you’re part of a community that has revolutionized how our party funds campaigns.

And you’ve made one heck of a difference.

That’s something we’re darn proud of, and we thought you would be too.

Thanks for being part of this revolutionary movement. 

Jonathan Zucker
Michele Hornish
It Starts Today-MO
P.S. One last thing: Did you know that if just 20,000 people – that’s 1.6% of the Missourians who voted for Joe Biden – donated just $5 month starting now, we’d have over $2 million to distribute to our Democratic nominees in 2022? 

Think that would turn some heads? We think so, too.

So help us make an even bigger difference. Please forward this to just three friends today, and tell them they need to be part of our movement. Let them know that they can help rebuild the Democratic party in Missouri – from the ground up. Sign up and help build a better Missouri at www.itstarts.today/missouri.