How A Cup of Coffee A Month Can Get Rid of Donald Trump

First thing’s first: we MUST evict Donald Trump from the oval office ASAP.

Yes, flipping the House this November is a good start. With a Democratic House, we get investigatory power. And there’s no shortage of shady things to investigate that House Republicans are turning a blind eye to (if not outright covering up).

But no matter what happens in November, it’s only a start. We have to look beyond that and start prepping for the most important presidential race of our lifetimes.

Which means putting money aside NOW for the Democratic nominee to use in 2020.

Hey! We see that eyeroll! And we can hear you asking: “Geez, you guys. Donations already? Why now?”

Two big reasons:

One, because the more people who join us at Dump Trump, the more the GOP will take notice. And the more they’ll start shaking in their snake-oil-polished boots.

When they see the enormous groundswell of support… the enthusiasm… and the passion that Democrats are showing is already translating into tangible support (and $$) for our 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, it’s going to give them pause – and maybe question their blind support of Trump and agenda-for-the-billionaires.

Just imagine the look on Mitch McConnell’s face when he hears that there are tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands! – of Democrats who are already organizing resources for 2020.

We would love to be a fly on the wall when he gets that news! It actually gets us pretty darn excited, just thinking about it. You too?

The second reason is it’s way easier to give $5 a month (the cost of one cup of coffee) starting NOW than to go digging through the couch cushions trying to scrounge up as much as possible right before the election.

Think of it as a layaway plan to take away the White House from Trump and his reckless crew of billionaire cronies and Russian racketeers.

So the time is NOW. The 2020 Democratic nominee will need every dollar of support we can send her/his way to fight the Trump/Putin war machine.

Are you ready to stand up and join your fellow resisters?

Then what are you waiting for?!

Head over to (or you can head over to our Act Blue page, and if you’ve saved your information with them before, Dumping Trump takes just one click).

Isn’t the thought of having a sane, intelligent, strong leader in the White House – one who actually cares about America – worth skipping a cup of coffee a month?

Isn’t it worth it in order to get under the GOP’s skin and make them shake in their gold-soled boots (purchased with the dough of their billionaire backers)?

We think so, too!