My Latte’s Too Foamy

Phil’s a highly successful businessman. Has a wife and 6 kids.

And, with all his financial success, you can imagine those kids lead a pretty charmed life.

Perhaps too charmed.

It actually got to the point where Phil didn’t like some of the behaviors he was noticing in his home. I don’t remember the entire story but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when his 16 year old came home one day complaining that her latte was too foamy.

Phil decided right then and there, his kids needed some perspective on life.

So he took her and her 14 year old brother on a trip… to Calcutta India. Which, as he describes, is one of the world’s most “dysfunctional” cities.

Talk about a culture shock for his kids!

It was monsoon season. 95% humidity. Dingy buildings. Guys urinating on the side of the road. Rickety busses spewing soot everywhere. Insistent beggars roaming the gridlocked streets.

It was about as far removed from their cushy upper-middle class suburbs as you can get.

And nothing makes you appreciate how good you have it until you see how dreadful things can actually be.

It didn’t take long for his kids to GET it. To understand the reality of the world and appreciate how truly fortunate they are. Totally changed their outlook on life.

I think of this story when I think of Trump. And it makes me hopeful.

How so, you ask?

Because Trump is our dysfunctional slum.

He’s the slap in the face – the dose of reality – many of us needed to realize how good we had it and how bad it can actually be.

But getting slapped in the face isn’t enough. It’s taking action now that we see the reality of things. It’s seeing the slum and working toward making a positive change in the world.

A change that starts with evicting this slumlord from the White House.

There are a number of ways to work toward that end.

A simple way you can do that is to be a part of our Dump Trump campaign.

For as little as $1 a month, you can join others who also want to drain the slum Trump and his cronies have created in Washington (and across America).

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It just goes directly to fund the war chest of the Democratic nominee as she/he works to unseat Trump and restore our faith in humanity and remind us how good we can have it when a crazy, impetuous, blowhard isn’t running our country into the ground.

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