Our Georgia Runoff Project

Let’s be clear: We can still elect two Democratic Senators in Georgia.

Georgia’s two senate seats will be up for grabs in a runoff on January 5 – and control of the Senate rides on the outcome!

Mitch McConnell and Republican megadonors are going to be LASER focused on winning the Senate. Their entire power structure depends upon it. 

Let’s prove that we are NOT out.  

We’re NOT going away.

You’re not going away.

Help bring Georgia home.

Let’s prove to Mitch McConnell and Trump lackeys that Democrats aren’t going away. Let’s flex our Democratic muscles and show what $20 from a hundred thousand Democrats looks like.

We bet it will give them nightmares. 

We need you to make this work.

Click below. Let’s go. There’s no time to waste.



How does this work? Simple. You’re donating to the Democratic nominees in Georgia’s runoff election in January 2021 — Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Half of your donation will go to Raphael Warnock and the other half will go to Jon Ossoff. Simple.

Why is this unique? Because it’s simple! (See above.) Because we do the work for you. Because we don’t take a cut of your donation (really!) – and unlike ActBlue, we surcharge the credit card fees so nominees don’t pay for them. So if you’re donating $100, you’re really donating $100.

I don’t live in Georgia. Why should I care? Because the control of the Senate may very well be on the line. You’ve seen Mitch McConnell in power. Need we say more?

And one last thing: The runoff is the first week in January. There is quite honestly no time to waste. Join now.