Portrait of a Coward

We have a question.

Is Trump really the bold, strong, tough leader his supporters think he is? Or, for all the tough talk and bluster is he really just a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

To dig to the bottom of that one we turned to a 2013 Forbes article titled “12 Signs of Cowardly Leadership”.

Let’s put Trump to the test and see how he scores.

According to the Forbes article, a cowardly leader…

  1. Engages in Backstabbing

No doubt about this one. It’s pretty much what he’s (in)famous for.

  1. Avoids Work

Well, Trump’s visited a golf club a whopping 25% of the days he’s been in office. His daily schedule doesn’t begin until 11am, after he’s had plenty of “executive time.” And, according to aides, he spends most of that “executive time” watching TV.

So we’re going to go with “Yes” on this one too.

  1. Evades the Hard Choices

Well, he certainly makes choices. Not sure they qualify as “hard” choices though.

Ill-informed choices… yes.

Bad choices… yep.

Choices that enrich or protect him, his family and his donors… all the time.

Not only doesn’t he make the hard choices, but he routinely bungles the easy ones. Remember when he said both Nazis and peaceful protestors were “very fine people”?

We rest our case.

  1. Won’t Listen

Please. His ego’s so big it’s probably spilling out of his head and clogging up his eardrums.

  1. Is Afraid to Discipline

Boy, he’s really stuck it to Putin and the Russians for undermining our democracy, hasn’t he? (Oh, wait, that’s right – he hasn’t!)

  1. Doesn’t Follow Through

Maybe he follows through on his back stabbing. But not on the promises he made to his supporters (well, at least the supporters who aren’t billionaires).

  1. Doesn’t Think for Himself

Maybe a better question for Trump: Does he think at all?

Because it sure does seem like a lot of his Tweet Tantrums start right after Fox News or other right wing media outlets he binges on airs a segment about the very same thing. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

  1. Hides Behind Power

When you openly say “I have the absolute right to pardon myself”, we think we can put a check by this one.

  1. Won’t Grow or Change


  1. Isn’t authentic

Is it possible for a compulsive liar to be authentic? We don’t think so either.

  1. Doesn’t connect with people

Well, if he didn’t connect with at least some people, he wouldn’t have been elected President. He also seems to be good at connecting with Russians and people who have a knack for breaking the law.

We could go either way on this one.

  1. Can’t Adjust to Failure

He can’t even acknowledge or admit to failure, let alone adjust to it.

So how does Trump do on the Cowardly Leader scale?

Well, we could make a case that he’s nailed all dozen of these. At the very least, he’s 10/12.

That places him squarely in the “Makes the Cowardly Lion look like Superman” scoring range.

Listen, we can poke some fun here and have a laugh or two at Cowardly Donny’s expense. But, the truth is, for all his bluster and tough talk, the current President of the United States – the so-called Leader of the Free World – is a coward.

And frankly, that’s no laughing matter.

Now if he were just running his own companies, it really wouldn’t matter what deep-rooted fears and insecurities made him into the little man he is today.

But he’s running our country. And it doesn’t take long for a coward to erode the strength of the organization – or country – he’s running.

America is better than this. And America deserves better than this.

We need to stand together to get Cowardly Donny out of office ASAP and limit the damage he’s inflicting to America’s strong standing in the world.

And we need to make sure that the Democratic nominee in 2020 (whoever she/he his) has the funding needed to Dump Trump once and for all.

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