Our Presidential Project

Why are we doing this?

Because by the time you read this, the Republican megadonors who backed Trump will already have put together their fundraising strategy for 2024 – for whichever Republican is at the top of the ticket.

For decades, Republicans have pooled their massive resources to outspend Democrats and put democracy at a huge disadvantage. 

But, you say, in 2020 Democrats raised lots of money!

That’s true. Because Donald Trump was (and still is) an existential threat. 

But we can’t go back to sleep and hope that the forces that elected Donald Trump will just go away quietly.

They won’t.

But they’re betting you will.

They’re sitting back right now and hoping you’ll just roll over and snooze for the next three years so they can get a nice comfortable head start.

But – what can we do now to help ourselves in 2024?

We use our biggest strength—You, and millions of other people, just like you—And time. 

By pacing ourselves, and starting now, we can raise tens of millions of dollars for the Democratic nominee for president – built with the grassroots people power that makes Democrats great. Folks who won’t write a fat check with a bunch of zeros in it, but are cool with making a monthly donation of $15, are what will save this democracy.

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. It’s not an individual sport, either.

Let’s work together, and get started today.

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