The Congress Project

Why are we doing this?

For decades, the DNC and other organizations have focused on the handful of Congressional swing districts they thought were “winnable.”

This is important, but it’s not enough — because of this strategy, the Democratic candidate in hundreds of Congressional districts is just a name on a ballot, abandoned and unable to spread a message about common-sense policies to the people who need to hear about them most. Activists in those Congressional districts are left without a cause to rally around, and voters are left without a real choice.

We can change that.

Fund Every Democrat, for as little as one penny per Congressional district:

$5.35 / month$10.70/ month$26.75 / month$53.50 / month$107.00 / monthOther Amount



Great question! There are 435 U.S. House seats and 100 U.S. Senate seats for a total of 535. So your $5.35 donation will give one penny to each Democratic House and Senate candidate (though because their elections are every 6 years instead of every 2, Senate nominees will, on average, receive 3 times as much as House nominees). Of course, you can donate more. But we do require recurring donations in increments of $5.35 to make the math work.


States like California and Washington have what are known as “Blanket” or “open” primaries in which candidates from all parties run together on one ballot. The candidates that receive the top two number of votes then run against each other in the general election. Louisiana does not actually have party primaries and all candidates are on the general election ballot (with a possible run-off held if no candidate gets a majority of the votes cast).

In situations in which more than one Democrat is on the general election ballot (i.e. the “Democratic Nominee”), we have concluded that, due to technical limitations and federal regulations regarding compliance and disclosure, that the only policy we can follow is to redesignate donations as a contribution to It Starts Today. The other alternatives available to us under campaign finance law, donating the money to the state party or to one of the national party committees (DCCC, DSCC, DNC), are unlikely to focus that money into the specific district or state for which it was raised. If you have a better solution, please drop us a line and let us know.

If you have a question you don’t see answered here, drop us a note at We’re very approachable, really.


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