The Thanos Snap That’s Dusting Our Democracy

My teenager is more than a little obsessed with Marvel’s Avengers. So when the blockbuster Infinity War movie came out, we were there opening weekend.

The movie pits the Avengers up against Thanos – the biggest, baddest, most brutal villain to ever walk the face of the Universe.

The plot of Infinity War revolves around Thanos trying to locate and steal the 6 Infinity Stones. Stones that, in of themselves, provide incredible powers to whoever controls each of them.

Now, what each Infinity Stone can do on its own isn’t really important here…

… It’s the cumulative power given to the person that controls all of them that matters.

That’s the power that Thanos is after and it’s a power so purely evil it’s hard to fathom.

See, once Thanos swipes all 6 Stones, he can wipe out half of all living things in the Universe… with just a snap of his fingers.

Yep. A mega finger snap for the ages that instantly turns half of every living thing this side of the Sun into nothing but dust.

Frightening thought. A being that possesses that diabolical a power. Who has that much control over the Universe.

Lucky for us though, it’s just a movie. Pure fiction.

Yet a similar snap (so to speak) is happening in the real world. And it’s happening here in America.

This one isn’t going to take out half the universe…

… But it is about to destroy our democracy.

What is this figurative snap about to dust the very foundation of our democracy?

It’s Trump and the Russians Republicans’ attack on our voting rights.

Their 6 Infinity Stones are a bevy of voter suppression tactics they’ve been enacting across the country to disenfranchise voters (mainly Democrats… and minority voters in particular).

These Anti-Democracy Stones are…

  • Gerrymandering
  • Closing Polling Stations
  • Keeping Felons from Voting
  • Voter ID Laws
  • Purging Voting Registers
  • Limiting or eliminating early voting

Oh, and they’re throwing in easily hackable voting machines with no paper trails, Russian inspired (and aided) mis-information/propaganda campaigns and other dastardly tricks to keep voters away from the polls to boot.

Here’s the thing folks…
… this is NOT fiction. This is real life.

We can’t sit back and wait for Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Black Panther, Hulk and their superhero friends to save the day.

We have to save ourselves. We have to save our Democracy before it’s too late and Trump and his Russian Republican enablers turn our votes to dust.


First… VOTE!

No, it may not be easy thanks to the Republican tactics. But if we just give up and don’t vote because we don’t think it matters, then they win. And win big.

So get out there and cast your ballot… Volunteer to take people to the polls on Election Day… Encourage friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to do their civic duty and cast the ballots.

Second, consider voting absentee. No, it’s not a miracle cure for the Republican BS. But it does help eliminate a number of issues that make it hard to cast a ballot on Election Day.

Third, vote for and support candidates (at the national AND local levels) who will work to ensure fair and secure voting systems and laws in this country.

And, make no mistake about it folks, Republicans aren’t the ones who are going to do that.

We’ve got to support more Democratic candidates who will stand up and fight to wrestle these voter suppression tactics out of the hands of the out of control Republicans.

An easy to way to support candidates like this is through our unique crowd-funding platform. By pooling our donations together and sending them straight to Democratic candidates (not to some middleman) we can vote with our dollars and send a strong message that we will not put up with this kind of attack on our democracy.

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