Up, up and away!

After falling to historic LOWS under Trump, worldwide confidence in the U.S. to to the right thing is soaring. Check this out:


Just a few months ago, our nuclear arsenal was in the (tiny) hands of someone that 72% of the world described as “dangerous.”

Now, a median of 75% say they trust Biden to do the right thing in world affairs. World confidence in our leadership is heading in the right direction again!

But there’s an ominous finding, too.

When asked whether U.S. democracy is a good example … 57% said we used to be, but we haven’t been in recent years.

“Used to be.”

There’s one party, and one person in particular, who is responsible for that.

The fact is that Trump is still in charge of the GOP, and Republicans continue to “kiss the ring.” There’s little doubt that he will be the GOP nominee in 2024. And yes, as much as we hate to see it, they’re already fundraising and hosting rallies for 2024.

There is not a moment to lose.

We can’t go back and fix what happened in 2016. But we can make sure an election like 2016 doesn’t happen again. 

That starts with you, and It Starts Today.

Our vast grassroots network crowdsources support for the 2024 Democratic nominee (no matter who he/she is) to make sure that they have the resources to fight against the “Trump Train” when that time comes. We do it with super simple monthly donations that don’t break the bank – but that make a massive difference.

It’s just easier to kick in $10 or $20 a month than it is to cough up a bunch of cash all at once.

Think of it as layaway for democracy.

And think of it as the best way for you to start working toward 2024 today.

You in? Awesome.

We’re glad to have you.
Join Our Presidential Project Today!
P.S. Know how we’re different than most PACs? 

Because we don’t solicit donations and then spend that money “FOR” the nominee (often with questionable results and little accountability).

We give it TO the nominee. Because that’s who needs it the most.

And we won’t know who that nominee will be until the convention in later summer 2024 – just a few months before the election. That’s why our project is so important.

For most folks who can’t cut a $250 check when they feel like it, monthly donations make political giving SO MUCH easier.

Chipping in $15 a month starting now means you can maximize your support for the 2024 Democratic nominee without breaking a sweat (or your bank account).

So if you want to continue to see America’s reputation rebuilt, and want to keep ole Donny’s tiny fingers away from the nuclear codes, start chipping in today. 
*You can read more about the Pew survey here.