Your Wonky Week – Jan. 16, 2020

This week in wonky news! 

We’re complete policy wonks, and we own that. We talk (too much?) about politics and polls and studies and data all the time. So this is our weekly “what we think is interesting right now” email including something cool to read, impeachment numbers/news for the week, and what’s up over on Fox News. 

Something Interesting to Read: 

Pew Research has published their most recent global analysis of Trump’s approval, and the results are pretty interesting. 

“Across 32 countries surveyed by Pew Research Center, a median of 64% say they do not have confidence in Trump to do the right thing in world affairs, while just 29% express confidence in the American leader.” 

Unsurprisingly, Mexico leads the pack in percentage of people who don’t have confidence in Trump, at 89%. But roughly 3/4 of folks in Western Europe feel the same. 

And here’s the kicker: Angela Merkel has the highest confidence rating among leaders. 

Trump even rates lower in confidence than his best buddy Vladimir Putin (!!), and has a higher “no confidence” vote than any of the leaders. (At least he’s number one in something, right?)  

It’s fascinating to unpack. You can find it here:

Impeachment News: Week of January 16, 2020: 

(Numbers per FiveThirtyEight’s impeachment tracker) 

What a slow news week, right? (Sarcasm alert.) 

No doubt you already know that the articles of impeachment were sent over to the Senate yesterday. Fox News is tied up in knots that Nancy Pelosi smiled (egad!) for a moment as she signed the papers, and that there was a silver ceremonial dish involved. (Insert eye roll emoji.) 

But here are the important numbers. 

January 9:

47.4% of folks supported removing Trump from office.

That broke down as:

82.1%  Democrats, 

41.7%  Independents, and

9.8%  Republicans. 

Now look at this week. 

46.7% of folks support removing Trump – but Democratic support has jumped 2 points (82.1% to 84.1%) and Independent support has jumped 1.3 point(41.7% to 43%). 

Republican support for removing Trump decreased by over a point – from 9.8% to 8.1%.

Just more evidence of the impact of partisan (and information) divide. Speaking of…

What’s Up on Fox News?  

Well, where do we start? 

Yesterday’s bombshell MSNBC interview with Lev Parnas, in which he confirmed that Trump knew and was part of the pressure campaign on Ukraine, is being selectively reported on by Fox. They focus on Parnas’s downplay of text messages that suggested a physical threat to former ambassador Marie Yovonovich, and on the fact that he lacks credibility because he’s under indictment. (Oh, the irony.) 

On, Nancy Pelosi’s facial expression while she’s signing the Articles of Impeachment (and the presence of a ceremonial silver dish) gets more attention than the Vice President’s alleged full knowledge of and cooperation in the campaign to pressure Ukraine into announcing some sort of investigation to tarnish Biden.  

Last night, Hannity reassured viewers that the documents turned over by Parnas were nothing special (“And then you look at the documents they released, there’s nothing in there. Nothing at all!”) and explained away Rudy Giuliani’s prominent role in the scheme by saying “[he] was investigating. That’s his job to investigate. That’s what Rudy does.” 

Calling MSNBC the “state-run-MSDNC conspiracy channel,” Hannity basically tells his audience that they’re not really seeing what their seeing, and if they can see it they shouldn’t pay attention to it anyway.   

Meanwhile, Devin Nunes – who is implicated in Parnas’s interview as being part of the Ukraine scheme “team” – is now calling Rep. Adam Schiff a fact witness who should testify at the Senate (arguing that Schiff had contact with the whistleblower). Get out your popcorn and watch that “whataboutism” unfold in real time. 

And on her show, Laura Ingraham dismissively refers to the Parnas blockbuster document trove as “scribble scrabble” that amounts to “nothing.” 

We’ll see to what extent Parnas is telling the truth in coming days. But so far, his documents just corroborate everything other witnesses have said and his interview just connected the dots. Stay tuned. 

This week has been crazy – but everything we’ve seen has just ratcheted up the stakes for this election. 

We literally cannot afford a second Trump term. But with his finely-tuned Fox messaging machine, he’s not going to be easy to beat. We’ll have to be united – and focused.  

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Stay wonky!